Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blink One-Eighty-Who?

It's been just over a week since the Grammys and it seems like the only thing people are still talking about is the Chris Brown/Rihanna drama. Not to make light of the situation, but we all know the story by now. He screwed up and now he's sorry. Wasn't there anything a little more exciting that happened on stage that night? Hmm...

Oh yeah, I seem to recall blink-182 reuniting somewhere between the Jonas Brothers' and Jay-Z's performances. The sad part is just that. The news went virtually unnoticed among all the big names. Here was one of the most influential bands of the alternative scene announcing they were going to start making music again, and most people couldn't care less.

When Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge and Travis Barker walked onto stage together, I must admit I was standing in my living room clapping. I never thought I'd see it happen again. 

On February 22nd, 2005 blink-182 went on an "indefinite hiatus." For four years, Delonge had no real contact with either Barker or Hoppus. But sometime after Barker's plane crash in September '08 the trio began talking again. I guess it's safe to say the talks mended friendships, and brought the guys an opportunity to present this year's Grammy for Best Rock Album.

When the news broke a few days early that blink would be appearing on stage together, online communities went nuts. Rumors and websites flared up stating the band were already in the process of recording a new record. With the alternative scene in a buzz and anticipation on high, all eyes were on the Grammys.

But boy, what a let down. The crowd was virtually silent when Hoppus announced, "blink-182 is back!" Granted some people were cheering, but they sounded like they were paid to scream. (just like the seat-fillers, only these people had to make noise)

Did anyone there not remember the impact blink had on music? They were an MTV sensation in the late 90s. They sold 1.5 million copies of Dude Ranch in 1997, debuted No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 with Take Off Your Pants and Jacket in 2001 and toured the world countless numbers of times. So why didn't anyone seem to care that they were finally back together?

I guess we'll never know. People constantly complain about the dismal existence of music nowadays, yet give virtually no credit to those who actually try to better it. It's sad to see such an awesome moment in music's subculture go without notice, but I guess that's life. All I know is there are plenty of people out there who are happy that blink is back. Maybe that's why my phone didn't stop ringing for three hours after the announcement. 

Regardless of all these Hollywood haters, blink-182 are back! It's time to remember what pop-punk feels like. So get rid of that emo haircut and get off myspace. Go outside and get some sun, 'cause summer '09 is coming fast and our boys are set to be the soundtrack. (just like when we were in 8th grade, only better 'cause this time we can legally drink)

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