Sunday, August 29, 2010

Envy On The Coast Final Show

If you're a follower of Backstage Press, you know that one of our favorite bands to work with/write about has been Envy On The Coast. And that was for a number of reasons, ranging from their unique brand of music to their showmanship; their ability to give us awesome interviews to their love of hockey and beer (a favorite topic of conversation during hang sessions).

But, as Robert Frost (and New Found Glory) put it, nothing gold can stay. Tonight marked Envy's final show. Their farewell tour, consisting of four shows in three states, commenced tonight in New York City. And for all those who loved this band, this past week has been tough.

Backstage Press was in Boston last Wednesday for EOTC's final New England performance. The boys put together a 19 song set that was as wild and out of control as ever. The barricade-less Middle East was sold out. Crowd surfers found their way on stage a number of times, but Envy held it together.

They played their usual lineup of "Sugar Skulls" and "The Gift of Paralysis," amongst others. But, they also gave the crowd some unlikely gems in "Mirrors" and the old-school "Temper Temper." There seemed to be an even mix of songs off both of the band's full-length albums, with a few off the EP for good measure.

It was certainly an emotional night in Boston. Some fans left crying, but most just looked like they had left a little piece of themselves behind.

After the show, lead singer Ryan Hunter assured us that he and guitarist Brian Byrne would be back making music again soon. Nothing could be said for bassist Jeremy Velardi or guitarist Sal Bossio - neither of who said anything while on stage that night.

But whatever the future holds for this extremely talented group of guys, we here at Backstage Press would just like to thank them. They have been awesome to us, as they have to all their fans. It was a great show in Boston - one we, and everyone else in attendance, won't be forgetting any time soon.

Thanks, Envy. You will be missed.

Envy On The Coast final setlist
Cambridge, Massachusetts
The Middle East 8/25/2010

1. Suckerpunch
2. Headfirst in The River
3. Artist and Repertoire
4. Mirrors
5. Death March on Two, Ready?
6. Clean of You
7. (x) Amount of Truth
8. Vultures
9. Sugar Skulls
10. Tell Them That She's Not Scared
11. Starving Your Friends
12. Lapse
13. Like I Do
14. Southern Comfort
15. The Devil's Tongue
16. Spinal Cords
17. Temper Temper
18. The Great American T-Shirt Racket
19. The Gift of Paralysis

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Different Spin

Sorry for the leave of absence, folks. Lately the majority of my time has gone to writing cover letters instead of blog posts. I also moved away from the Boston area for a while (we'll call it an indefinite hiatus from the city). But don't think I forgot about you.

Though my life is starting to resemble that awkward and horrible "transitional phase," there are a few perks. I finally get FUSE again, and that couldn't come at a better time. That's because starting Thursday, September 16 FUSE is airing Mark Hoppus' (blink-182, +44) new show entitled, A Different Spin with Mark Hoppus.

Basically this show is an hour-long music based talk show of sorts featuring blink's bassist at the helm. Along with comedian Amy Schumer, Hoppus will tackle all things music including interviews, live performances and backstage shots.

"It's going to be smart, funny, irreverent and professional enough to be a great show, while being wheels-off enough to always be on the edge of completely falling apart," Hoppus wrote on his blog.

Though we don't exactly know who Hoppus and company will have on the show, or exactly how crazy funny it will be, we have been provided a few sneak peaks. (See below) If the previews are anywhere near what Different Spin has in store for us, it'll be great.

It seems only natural that Hoppus would break into the television game. I mean, he's been honing his entrepreneurial skills for quite some time. Of course, he makes up 33 percent of the blink empire, he's had his own clothing brand and just last year he was writing weekly segments for SPIN Magazine entitled, Hopp on Pop. What else is left for the guy to do?

All I can say is the man has a gift. So get psyched for this show, people. It's setting up to be a killer... and it comes on early enough so you won't miss the week's episode of Jersey Shore.

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