Friday, July 3, 2009

Brothers From Other Mothers

Last weekend I had the opportunity to see Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin and Envy On The Coast two nights in a row. What really stood out to me wasn't the music, or the theatrics of the performance, but rather how I was able to talk to at least one person from each band outside of a simple meet-and-greet.

The thing that really differs our scene from anything else out there today is the sense of friendship and brotherhood that anyone can feel just by attending a show.

I started thinking about this last week after Jacko kicked the bucket. Watching all the footage made me realize how disconnected he was from his fans. He was untouchable. People would swarm to just catch a glimpse of him. To me that's just lame.

We get a lot of heat from outsiders saying our scene has nothing to offer anyone, but they couldn't be further from the truth. If it wasn't for Eddie and Fazzi from Taking Back Sunday I probably wouldn't have found the Casino Ballroom in Hampton. And what about Anberlin stopping to talk to me in Boston about their latest CD? And how could I forget everyone from Envy On The Coast letting me hang with them after the show? 

True, I am just a fan, but each one of these guys made me feel like I was on a equal level with them. No one had that "rock-star" vibe to them where I was just another face in the crowd. They listened when I talked, and thanked me for hanging out. It was like instant friendships were formed. Nothing can make you feel more accepted than a smile and a thank you.

In an interview I did with Envy's lead singer Ryan Hunter he addressed this sense of brotherhood within the scene by saying this:
"I really can't put into words how crazy it is to go on tour with a band that you really can sit down with every single member and just like bust balls and hang out. We've never ever vibed with a band (Taking Back Sunday) like we've vibed with them. I'm not just saying that because they're Taking Back Sunday. Their whole crew is even the coolest crew we've ever been on tour with, they're just amazing people and we love them all to death."

For an opening act to be this forthcoming about their friendship with everyone on the tour speaks wonders to me.
No egos here, just true friendships. Amazing.

Here's the interview I did with Ryan:

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