Sunday, October 11, 2009

Between Rock And A Radio Station

The battle of words continues between political-punk band Rise Against and the Florida-based radio station Buzz 103. Last week it was announced on-air that the Chicago natives had pulled themselves off the bill from the upcoming Buzz Bake Sale, a commercially sponsored annual concert, when they found out that the US Army's recruiting department would be fronting the money. 

Needless to say, the radio station was not pleased. In fact, the DJs had no problem publicly bashing the band,
citing them as "un-American" while simultaneously covering their own tail by praising the Army's gracious funding. They continued on saying, "There's got to come a point when you grow up. You're here, you're musicians - play. That's what we're paying you to do."

Buzz made it well known that Rise Against had played this concert years before, and had lost their cool over finding out that the Army was sponsoring it. So, my question is why did you invite them back? You didn't like it back then when the band bashed your sponsor. So you decide having them play this year's main stage, sponsored once again by the Army, is a good idea? Has anyone in this radio station ever listened to a Rise Against song?

I mean, come on. Rise Against have built their empire on their liberal beliefs and anti-war stance. Any half-assed fan knows that. The situation was an obvious conflict. It's no wonder they backed off the bill. I just don't understand how this radio station couldn't see it. 

The DJs spun this into something it wasn't. They placed all the blame on Rise Against instead of looking at themselves in the process. They even had local callers demanding that Buzz never play another Rise Against song. It was just ridiculous.

Both parties are to blame here. One for backing out, the other for not thinking their decisions through. As a radio station and mainstream media outlet, they should know that attracting bad publicity will hurt the company. So 
bringing an anti-war rock band to play a military sponsored concert is like throwing a toaster in the bath tub. It's bound to blow up in your face.

Personally, I can't say this has changed my view of Rise Against. Good for them for standing up for their beliefs, whether you agree or not. It takes a virtuous person to follow their own moral code without giving it up for money or fame. Kudos to those guys.

So what's your take on all this? Who was right? Let me know people. God knows this blog could use some user feedback. 

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