Tuesday, May 11, 2010

East To Providence

A few blocks down Richmond Street in Providence, Rhode Island is Jerky's - a dimly lit dive bar with cheap beer, cheaper food and one of the smallest stages you'll find in New England. I had the pleasure of spending last Friday night there for "The Real Eve of Skatefest," aka the pre-show for Skatefest the next day in Worcester.

The lineup was dope. Boston band Lions Lions were first, followed by All The Day Holiday (who are awesome, check them out!) and then my personal favorites, Envy On The Coast. And as a surprise, if the acronym for the show didn't set you off, The Receiving End Of Sirens (TREOS) rounded off the night with a reunion performance.

The sets were all really good, though Envy ran into a bit of a snag during soundcheck. There was a whole lot of nothing going on, but the guys busted out an impromptu tune with just guitar and some wicked hard hitting drums.

Once things finally got going, they killed it. Most of their set was comprised of songs off their latest release, Lowcountry. They did throw in a few crowd favorites off Lucy Gray, too. The pit of maybe 15 people got pretty wild. Trust me. Envy's lead singer, Ryan Hunter, even crowd surfed at one point.

I had yet to see Envy perform much of anything off Lowcountry, so this show was great. Hearing all new material is definitely a plus. It's easy to see their growth as musicians now. Compare anything off their EP to what they're doing now, and you'll be blown away. Good job, boys.

Other than the music, we hung around a drank plenty of cheap Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat on tap. Ryan even came to have a brew with us. It was great. We chilled, watched the Bruins/Flyers game and talked hockey for a while. Nothing like meeting up with friends from city to city.

Check out an interview I did with Hunter about Lowcountry:

*All video/photography courtesy of Backstage Press
Live shots from Jerky's - May 7th, 2010

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