Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top 10 Punk-Rock Cover Songs

Cover songs. It seems like everybody's done at least one. Of course, there are the good and the bad. But hopefully this list will give you an idea of what's worth your listening time. Oh, and maybe it will answer that age old question, "What would Britney Spears sound like if she were screamo?"

10. What Goes Around... - Alesana (originally by Justin Timberlake)
A radio favorite a few years back, Alesana took the JT pop hit and turned it into a vicious melodic hardcore tune worthy of creating mosh pit pandemonium. What more could you want?

9. Paint it Black - VersaEmerge (originally by The Rolling Stones)
Let's face it, the Stones' original dominates on its own. But get a female lead singer (Sierra Kusterbeck) behind the mic on this one and the song explodes. A must for any classic rock fan... who likes punk music, too.

8. Apologize - Silverstein (originally by One Republic)
Out of any song on this list, Silverstein's version of "Apologize" is probably the closest thing to the original. Lead singer Shane Told keeps his vocals in check for the first two verses and choruses before opening up into his signature screams for the breakdown. Coupled with distorted guitars and a strong bass line, this one's a keeper.

7. I Fought The Law - Green Day (originally by Sonny Curtis & The Crickets, 1959)
Come on, this one is a classic! Just as many people have covered this song as have heard it, and Green Day do it as well as anyone ever has.

6. Since U Been Gone - A Day To Remember (originally by Kelly Clarkson)
If A Day To Remember should have covered any song, this was it. They turned the Kelly Clarkson hit into a hardcore infused pop-punk tune that'll make you wanna destroy your girlfriend's apartment while wearing your Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt.

5. Megan - Bayside (originally by The Smoking Popes)
When half your fans think a cover song is one of your own originals, you know you've done the song justice. Case in point, Bayside.

4. Iris - New Found Glory (originally by The Goo Goo Dolls)
If you didn't think the pop-punk lifers could pull off an alternative rock classic like this, you were wrong. Crunchy guitars, a driving bass line and Jordan Pundik's signature whine finally make it cool to listen to The Goo Goo Dolls. Yes!

3. Roxanne - Fall Out Boy (originally by The Police)
If you think taking a shot every time you heard the name "Roxanne" was tough during the original, your liver is going to hate you during the up-tempo punk-rock FOB version. Impressive vocals, palm muting and blistering drums turn an already awesome song into a pop-punk classic.

2. There is a Light - Anberlin (originally by The Smiths)
If The Smiths recorded this song in 2006, it would sound like this. Coming off Anberlin's 2007 release, Cities, this cover fits perfectly with the mood of the record.

1. Toxic - A Static Lullaby (originally by Britney Spears)
Wow. This song is pure perfection. Take three parts hardcore, two parts screamo and some killer vocal arrangements and this is what you get. This song will rock your face off faster than you ever thought Britney could. Download it... now.


  1. Great list but you are missing Midtown - Your Love.

  2. You are also missing Envy On The Coast's "House Of The Rising Sun"

  3. I agree definitely missing the Midtown cover... I'll let it slide since Bayside is represented ;)

  4. This should be on the list:


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