Monday, October 25, 2010

Your Punk Rock Halloween Playlist

Attention all you Halloweenies! This coming Sunday is All Hallows' Eve, which means you should have your costumes ready, stockpiles of candy waiting and be bumping your favorite Halloween tunes. Not sure what to listen to this year? No problem. We've got you covered. Take a look below for the best creep-tastical tunes to round out your Rocktober.

Well, this one's just obvious. You can't go wrong with horror-punk, and The Misfits do it best of all. "Halloween" is filled with spooky lyrics about dead bodies and the like, while being fast enough to be called punk. Plus, if you're hurting for a costume this year, consider rocking your Misfits inspired Devilock for that Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein look.

From First To Last - Note to Self
Nothing like Sonny Moore era FFTL to send chills down your spine. What's more suited for Halloween than the video for "Note To Self"? A creepy mental hospital, a horror movie-esque plot and nightmarish sequences rip through live shots of the band performing. Want more? Just browse through their catalog. "The Latest Plague" and "Ride The Wings of Pestilence" will quench your thirst for all things spooky.

AFI - Silver and Cold
Compared to the others on this list, "Silver and Cold" comes in quite tame. But don't count AFI out on the spook scale. "Silver and Cold" is an intense rock song with a dark video attached to it. It takes place in Prague, and shows lead singer Davey Havok at the cusp of a near suicide attempt, while his bandmates race through city streets to save him. Havok symbolically lets go of earthly time (his watch) and relationships (his ring) by dropping them into the river before his would be plunge. But he turns back, just as his bandmates' car slams into a truck and explodes. As Havok departs the scene he puts on his coat... and wait, did his arm just pass through someone's body? Like a ghost? Oh, weird...

Rock music at a wake? In one of those creepy cathedrals? Leave it to the patron saints of new-wave emo to do it. And damn, did they do it well. The song itself is about death, and the video only accentuates it. Everyone is dressed in black, it's raining out and the corpse even comes alive for a little dance number during the prayer (or the breakdown, however you want to look at it).

This one's for all you hardcore metal heads out there. "Demonology and Heartache" is one of the most riveting tracks off Atreyu's 2004 release, The Curse. Lyrically, the song takes on the darker side of things. Two parts blood and guts mixed with one part broken hearts makes for the perfect cryptic tune. What better for Halloween than a song from a veteran Ozzfest band?

There's probably nothing creepier than Aiden lead singer, Wil Francis', side project, William Control. Off Control's debut album, "Strangers" chronicles a woman's wish to die in an underground London sex club. In fact, the song is so dark that it was picked as a track for the Saw V soundtrack. It's like a nightmare for your ears.

There you have it, kids. Crank these tunes and enjoy the spook fest.

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