Monday, January 10, 2011

Sugarcult Comeback in 2011?

There was no formal breakup. The word "hiatus" was never muttered. If anything, Sugarcult, the punk-rock four-piece from California, just sort of fell off the map.

Sugarcult haven't had a consistent schedule since 2007, when they were touring in support of their last release, Lights Out. But this may all be changing in 2011. Late last year, Sugarcult hinted on their Facebook page that they would be playing a number of shows in the UK come April.

2011 also marks the 10-year anniversary of the release of their album, Start Static, which propelled the band into the ears of teens and twenty-somethings worldwide when its hit song, "Bouncing Off The Walls", made the Van Wilder soundtrack.

Though there has been more buzz on Sugarcult's website and social networking sites recently than in the last few years, the band have yet to hint to any permanent US touring, or any new recording of any sort.

Since we last heard from the California outfit, each member has been working on their own musical ventures. Most notably, guitarist Marko DeSantis has stayed busy with his worldwide DJ'ing efforts, an online radio show and running a rock 'n' roll summer camp for teens in San Diego.

Lead singer Tim Pagnotta moved from the vocal booth to behind the soundboard as the producer/co-writer for Neon Trees. The band had the hit single of the summer with "Animal".

Bassist Airin Older is still on the road, touring with his new band, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.

And lastly, drummer Kenny Livingston recently finished a cross-country bike ride to raise awareness toward healthier lifestyles and nutrition in America. To make the feat even cooler, Livingston did it all on his vintage beach cruiser. In your face, Lance Armstrong!

So don't expect much more than some touring this year, Cult enthusiasts. Regardless though, it's nice to have the band back after such a long absence. Be sure to check in with Backstage Press and follow us on Twitter for any updates regarding Sugarcult.

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