Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Day - Awesome As F**k Review

Green Day are probably one of the most iconic alternative bands around today. Their releases over the past decade have been monumental in terms of musical power and merchandising alike. But perhaps their greatest quality is their live show. Packed with energy, pyrotechnics and a hint of humor, a Green Day show is a sight to see... and hear.

If you've never seen the three-piece live, or are just seriously missing the chaos of the live show, then the band's new CD/DVD combo, Awesome As F**k, will scratch your itch.

The live CD is a 17 track listen through some of the best Green Day have to offer. It begins with three of their newer songs, "21st Century Breakdown", "Know Your Enemy" and "East Jesus Nowhere", before opening up into a solid mix of old school classics and previously unreleased tracks.

You'll hear "Cigarettes And Valentines" from Phoenix, AZ; "Burnout" from Irvine, CA and "Going To Pasalacqua" from Chula Vista, CA. In fact, all tracks on the live CD were recorded from shows around the globe in both 2009 and 2010. This makes for a more in depth track listing/set than that which was featured on the band's 2005 live CD/DVD combo, Bullet In a Bible (which was recorded from two shows at Milton Keynes in England).

The rest of Awesome is filled with a few classics both new and old. Songs like, "Minority" and "Longview" were put to the side to make room for "21 Guns" and "When I Come Around" - tracks that weren't in Green Day's live repertoire during their American Idiot tours.

In addition to the 17 tracks, iTunes offers three more live songs for download. Tracks include, "Letterbomb" from Chula Vista, CA; "Christie Road" from Hartford, CT and "Paper Lanterns/2,000 Light Years Away" from Alpharetta, GA.

If that wasn't impressive enough, then the live DVD will certainly blow your mind. The 17 song set, filmed in Japan, truly shows the energy and showmanship Green Day bring to the table. You'll find yourself getting swept up in the show - singing "hey-oh!" with the thousands of fans there that night.

Awesome's DVD will deliver the visual element that really sums up Green Day. From the hail of sparks raining down during "21 Guns" to the nine-minute rock showcase that is "Jesus Of Suburbia", Green Day's true power as a band shines.

And as a bonus you'll get a video performance of "Cigarettes And Valentines" just to round things out. With over an hour of live footage, the DVD will bring a full Green Day performance into your living room - sweat, emotion and eyeliner included.

As one of our correspondents noted, Awesome As F**k needs no description. It's all in the title. If all that live music doesn't put a smile on your face, you're not punk-rock. Fact.

**Special thanks to our correspondent T.B. for help with this posting**

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