Monday, June 13, 2011

Video Interview With Happy Body Slow Brain

It's not easy to break into the music world. With the accessibility fans have to getting your music, often time for little to no money, the outrageous cost of touring and trying to hold down a solid lineup of band members, the industry can often feel like a daunting career. But inevitably, there will be some who refuse to give up trying- building their band one fan at a time.

Happy Body Slow Brain are one of those bands. The do-it-yourself outfit comprised of ex-Taking Back Sunday guitarist/vocalist Matt Fazzi, guitarist/keyboardist Isaac Bolivar and a rotating group of drummers and bassists have spent the better part of the last year and a half writing, recording and touring the entire United States in hopes of gaining a concrete fan base nationwide.

The band released their debut album, Dreams Of Water, last fall. Taking a step away from the alternative sounds of Taking Back Sunday, Fazzi and crew opted for a more synthetic mix of guitars, keyboards and experimental drum beats.

Ultimately, the decision to shy away from the norm has left the band off the beaten path, but they seem happier than ever. In a recent interview with the band, Fazzi told Backstage Press, "It's a refreshing experience to have a DIY thing and really play music that gets me excited. To have a support system like I do with my fiancée, and with my friends and being in a band with other like-minded musicians just makes the whole thing a lot easier."

"It's such a contrast going from Taking Back Sunday to kind of starting over," continued Fazzi, "but it's like the most rewarding contrast ever because I really get to forge my own path and do it the way I really want to do it."

And the hard work and determination seem to be paying off. At the end of the month, HBSB will be hitting the road with the Rx Bandits - a group that has played a vital role in influencing Fazzi along his musical career. After wrapping up that tour, Fazzi mentioned he will continue writing and hopes to get into the studio by the end of the year to begin work on the band's sophomore effort.

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