Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Best Boston Has To Offer

Well it's been about a year that I've been living near Boston. In that time I've been able to see a ton of shows in and around the city (not counting the four years of undergrad I spent commuting to the city to mosh). And in that time I've had the pleasure of being to some of the best clubs Boston has to offer, so I figured I'd let you in on some of my favorites.

House of Blues - Boston
The HOB just opened it's doors early this year, and has quickly become the gem of Lansdowne Street. Taking over where the Avalon and Axis once stood, the HOB boasts a 2,500 person capacity, three levels of viewing and at least
one bar on every level. So far their line-up has been nothing short of stellar. Jimmy Eat World, Bayside and New Found Glory have already taken the stage. Rise Against, Rancid, Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin and Envy on the Coast are all set to perform this summer. Intimate, yet large enough to support bigger acts, the HOB has got my vote of approval.

Harper's Ferry - Allston, MA
Located in the heart of Allston Rock City, Harper's stands as one of the greatest clubs Boston has to offer. It's small, so seeing one of your favorite bands play here is like having them play in your parent's basement. You can always
meet up with the band before or after the set. Chances are they'll be walking around the little dig. If that isn't enough to hook you, check out their bar. This place has got the cleanest, coldest and best tasting beer I've ever had from a tap. You won't be disappointed.

T.T. the Bear's - Cambridge, MA
This place is great if you're into the local scene, or just seeing live music seven nights a week. Every once in a while T.T.'s hosts a bigger act such as Rise Against who packed the small club last October. Check out a video I did with the band from that show here. The place is really easy to find too. Just a short walk from the red line, and located directly next to the Middle East, T.T.'s screams locality. A staple for any Boston scenster. 

The Middle East - Cambridge, MA
Speak of the devil. Yep, the Middle East, as I was saying, is yet another jewel in Boston's rock club line-up. Right on Mass. Ave., the club is easy to get to. Be sure to check out the upstairs for a drink and bite to eat before heading downstairs to the stage area. If you're of legal age feel free to grab a wristband and hang in the 21+ area. It's right off to the side of the stage, and gets you practically front row. They've got seats in the back for you, and a bar serving cheap beer and free water (trust me, free water is a big deal). You don't get that kind of deal in the Hartford scene. Rock on Boston.
Newbury Comics - Norwood, MA
In the mood for something acoustic? Want to meet your favorite band, and then shop for some vinyl? Well the Newbury Comics in Norwood has got you covered. It's huge, so you can get anything your little heart desires. And then after that feel free to watch a quick acoustic set on NC's small stage near the back of the store. Since the place opened up late last year everyone from Bayside to Rise Against and Taking Back Sunday have hit this place to connect with their fans. It's a little out of the way, but hey, isn't the journey half the fun?

Well, now you know where to go. So get off your ass, and start moshing. I'm pretty sure each one of these places has got a sweet line-up for the summer. Check it out... and then let me know how it goes. Have fun!

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