Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Food For Thought

Looks like the days of needing a backstage pass to meet your favorite bands are over. Or at least for the punk scene. Rather than taking advantage of private catering, bands today are inviting their fans for an after-show bite to eat at Denny's. Wait... Denny's? Seriously? Yep.

This new meet and greet fad is sweeping the nation, and probably helping sales for the greasy chain. So who can you
meet if you just so happen to stop by late night? Well, earlier this spring it would have been Taking Back Sunday or The Maine. Right now you've got a choice. Envy On The Coast, Ace Enders and Drop Dead Gorgeous are all currently holding get-togethers at the restaurant. 

I don't know how I feel about all this. It's cool that you can literally hang out with your favorite band without having the annoyance of getting kicked out of the venue, but at the same time it's Denny's. It's the dirty little place you and your friends went when no one had money or cared about their health.

Outside of just chillin' with your favorite band, Denny's also offers a full rock-star infused menu. Here's
where it gets scary.

Did you know that Gym Class Heroes, Good Charlotte and Sum 41 all have their own signature dishes? Yes, it's true. Good Charlotte put together the "Band of Burritos." Sum 41 rock the "Sumwich," and Gym Class Heroes cooked up the "After School Special" for all the hungry fans out there. 

Now, don't let the pictures fool you. We all know what food from Denny's really looks like. 

I'll admit it, when Taking Back Sunday rolled into the Denny's in Danver's Mass. last month I was
waiting. I did get to hang on their tour bus and scored a sweet autographed poster, but I left feeling sticky and overweight (though I did not eat while there!). 

So all in all, I suppose it's an alright idea. Bands can connect with their followers, kids can have an intimate experience with their bands and a struggling restaurant can make a few bucks. Just make sure you've got some Pepto-Bismol if you're going to partake in some of that punk-rock grub. 

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