Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday... For Those Who Dress In Black

Looking to score some really good deals on Black Friday, but don't feel like getting up at the crack of dawn? Forget the stampedes and cold weather. Sleep in if you want. All the deals you need are online this year. And the best part is they last all day.

Let's call this an excuse to go Christmas shopping for yourself. I mean, we all deserve a new band hoody or a few new CDs right? It's been a long year, so why not treat yourself? Just take a look at some of the online deals you can find in '09.

Be sure to check out the Victory Records website on Black Friday for 25 percent off their entire webstore. That means more reduced vinyl, CDs and merch than
 you'll know what to do with. The sale is actually lasting through the weekend so even if you miss Friday due to a turkey coma or likewise, you'll be okay.

In the mood for some fresh blink gear? Not to worry, the trio are offering some brand new designs by way of hoodies and t-shirts. They're some new takes on classic designs. The six arrow smiley hoody and bunny zip-up are some of the hottest items just released. Plus, if you throw down the code "blackfriday" during check out, you're going to save 20 percent on the whole order. Sweet deal!

If you've been following guitarist Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory on Twitter you'll know that there is something pretty cool coming for those hardcore NFG fans. The band are releasing a special shirt (apparently Gilbert's all-time favorite) on Friday. He's been dropping sneak peeks of it in his tweets the last few days. Head over to newfoundglorystuff.com to snag this obviously limited item on the 27th.

So see, Black Friday isn't all bad. Us punk rockers can finally get in on the action this year. And the best part of all is we can do it from our favorite spot in the entire world - behind the electric glow of our computers. Happy shopping.

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