Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Most Anticipated Records For 2010

Though the future of our scene might be as uncertain as social security, there are a few bands to look for in 2010. So here's a look at the fresh records you can expect, and get excited for, in the coming year.

The Long Island natives are currently in the process of writing and recording what lead singer 
Anthony Raneri is calling their "best record ever." Free from the pressures of any label, Bayside are taking their time with this one. Raneri and his band mates are harkening back to a sound that escaped them on their 2008 release, Shudder. "With this one," Raneri told Alternative Press, "we want to go back to what we did with Walking Wounded, but even bigger, with some hard left turns." Expect this little slice of heaven out sometime in the spring.

Fresh off the Dino Trail, MCS are gearing up for a nationwide tour in support of their upcoming January release My Dinosaur Life with Set Your Goals, This Providence and The Swellers. This, their first record since 2007's Even If It Kills Me, takes a deeper approach to the lyrical writing process, while still infusing just enough synth and playful guitar tricks to make this record worthy of being called pop-punk. Check out "Disappear" and "Her Words Destroyed My Planet" for your proof.

Possibly the most eclectic band today in terms of influences, EOTC bring it all to the table with Low Country. Backstage Press caught up with Envy's lead singer Ryan Hunter this past summer and learned that the quartet found a certain comfort in writing the new record. "There was no clock, no pressure or anything like that," said Hunter. "[Writing and playing] was all second nature, and it was a lot of fun." This will undoubtedly produce a solid record as evidenced by their vicious first single, "The Devil's Tongue."

With the era of The Black Parade as dead as most of their followers feel inside, MCR are taking a step in a new direction. They've written, rewritten and then altered some 20 plus songs for their yet-to-be-named spring 2010 release. If it's anything like their last three records, fans can expect something completely new and different. Get amped, kids.

As if reconciling old friendships, running a clothing company and touring with blink-182 all summer
weren't enough, AVA frontman Tom Delonge managed to squeeze in recording a new record with his experimental rock band. The album entitled Love will fittingly drop on Valentine's Day this year along with the ever so anticipated AVA motion picture. As Delonge notes, it's been a work of progress spanning almost the last five years. Love will definitely be something any avid Delonge fan won't want to miss.

Also, be on the lookout for new albums from As I Lay Dying, Crime In Stereo, Sense Fail, Anberlin, Gaslight Anthem and Four Year Strong to hit stores in 2010. Sweet!

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