Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Is For Cynics

Well folks, that evil time of year is upon us again. "The Holidays" as they're now called, are to blame for every crappy song you hear out in the world nowadays. Trust me, I hate it as much as the next guy, but I was able to find a happy medium with Christmas music a few years back, and I figure I'll let you all in on my secret.

Let me introduce you to A Santa Cause: It's a Punk Rock Christmas - a 25 track album packed with some of the best holiday music you'll ever hear. The lineup includes everyone from Something Corporate to From First To Last, MxPx to Matchbook 
Romance, and many more. 

I originally bought this compilation back in the winter of '04 so that I could snag blink-182's contribution, a 3-minute track entitled, "I Won't Be Home For Christmas". But every year around this time, I throw this CD back in my car and somehow manage to find a song/band that I had no clue were on there. This year's find, Saosin's "Mookie's Last Christmas".

A Santa Cause has got a little something for everyone, though. If you're into slower acoustic-type punk, be sure to check out Something Corporate's "Forget December" or Acceptance's rendition of "So This Is Christmas". They're
perfect to mellow out to over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Want something that's going to make you jump up and down? No worries. New Found Glory's "Ex-Miss" is as pop-punk infused as Christmas can get. Unless of course you should happen upon the album's seventh track, "Christmas Night of Zombies" by MxPx. With lyrics like: Christmas night of the living dead/their faces green and the snow is red, you're bound to be wanting to kick some ass. Besides, zombies are all the rage this year. Score!

And don't think Santa has forgotten about all you good little emo kids. Oh yes, Fall Out Boy even grace this compilation. "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" will forever be the break-up anthem of Christmas. It's as catchy as any FOB song, and just as lyrically astounding. It's been one of my favorites since I got the CD. Oh, and as far as street cred goes, I was listening to this in '04 - before FOB blew up. (Writer sticks tongue out at reader and emos alike)

Other than that, the album packs in some pretty awesome tunes from The Matches, Punchline, The Mighty Mighty BosstonesGatsby's American Dream and more. It's a must have for any collector, punk-rocker or anyone who is sick of the same old crap every year. Plus, some proceeds go to a children's charity. So there ya go, you get new music and help some people out. What can be better?

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  1. I love this album, I've had it for years! Highly recommended.


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