Sunday, February 21, 2010

Road Maps To New Music

New music. This is a term I like to use loosely. Mostly because I have this uncanny ability to find "new" music months, or years, after it comes out. Such is the case with this week's album purchase - This Time Next Year's Road Maps And Heart Attacks.

I had originally heard of the pop-punk four-piece last spring on a free compilation CD I picked up on Record Store Day. Their single, "Alex In Wonderland", immediately caught my ear, and has been a tune I find myself humming every now and again.

Well somehow, in the giant waste of time that is my life, I came across their website a few weeks ago. I gave their playlist a listen and found out that they had not only rerecorded "Alex", but it was the third track on the band's first full-length record.

Being stoked, and perpetually late (the album was released in October '09), I hit Newbury Comics last Friday and snagged myself a copy. It could be the fact that it's getting warmer outside (40s all week!), or that I'm just wishing summer was here already, but I tend to get heavy into the pop-punk scene come late winter/spring.

I'm happy to say it was a great decision. The album has been the soundtrack to my weekend, and will probably fill most of this week's listening.

Road Maps is not another other mainstream pop-punk album. TTNY's fresh sound harkens back to Catalyst-era New Found Glory. Hell, their name even refers to a Movielife album. You know you're getting something good here.

Right from the get-go Road Maps is infused with upbeat and catchy melodies. "New Sensation" is the anthemic gem of the album. You wanted the role, now you're playing the part/They're dying to be just like you/So sing us a song
where we can't sing along/And you're the new sensation.

TTNY's dual vocal approach adds some real depth to the album on songs like "Mischief With No Direction". They have managed to recapture the pop-punk sound through it. Remember that nasal-y whine that pop-punk used to be based in? Well, TTNY have brought it back from the dead, and damn is it refreshing to hear.

Look, I could go on forever about my new flavor of the week, but I'll spare you. Just trust me, if you've ever been a pop-punk fan and miss the way things used to be, then go pick up Road Maps And Heart Attacks. It'll make you feel young again. That's something we could all use.

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  1. one of the best pop punk bands out there today


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