Saturday, March 20, 2010

Four Year Strong - Enemy of the World Review

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Four Year Strong lately, and rightfully so. The band just released their third studio album, Enemy of the World, earlier this month. With a slew of comparisons to Set Your Goals, New Found Glory and A Day To Remember, the pressure was on FYS to produce a defining record for popcore fans everywhere. Thankfully, they did.

It's safe to say that pop-punk has seen better days. The same can be said for the hardcore scene. It's pretty much all been done before, but that didn't stop FYS from trying to bring the dead back to life. Somehow, the Worcester, MA five-piece managed to incorporate everything we loved about pop-punk and hardcore into one solid album.

Enemy of the World opens up with quick, chugging guitars that have you anticipating one hell of a hard album. But, almost immediately, the pace changes in the verse and choruses. "It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now" sets the scene for the rest of the record. It's fast and hard, but laced with enough pop-punk and singalong elements to keep the hippest hipster satisfied.

The dual vocal approach from guitarists Dan O'Connor and Alan Day keep the album from drying out too early, if at all. Enemy has a certain flow to it, one that's hard to find on most other records being released lately. It never takes a second to slow down, and that could be its saving grace.

There's something to be said about the Massachusetts "scene." It's pretty recognizable, yet somehow always seems fresh. In-your-face lyrics, tight drumming and the famous gang-vocal approach that finds its way into anything
deemed "wicked good" from the Bay State are all accounted for on Enemy. FYS have left nothing behind.

Like most of FYS' fan base (big and bearded), the record is solid through the middle. "Find My Way Back" is probably the record's strongest song, wrapping lead melodies with pop-punk hooks that will keep you singing along for days.

The rest of the record follows suit. Enemy's title track finishes off the record with a call to teen angst turned 20-something. I feel like I'm jaded/I've given it all I have to give/Burnt out, frustrated/I feel like I'm an enemy of the world. Ah, to be young and pissed.

Songs to Download: Find My Way Back, Wasting Time (Eternal Summer), Enemy Of The World

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