Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot Tours This Fall

If you've managed to venture out to any book, craft or grocery store in the last few weeks you've probably noticed all the Halloween crap that's already adorning the shelves. Well, I've decided to join that bandwagon and get you avid readers ready for what I like to call, Rocktober. (That would be the words "rock" and "October" combined, duh!) There are a ton of cool shows to look forward to this fall, and now you've got fair warning to grab some tickets.

The Used - October 23, Venue TBA

The Used are back and touring this fall with a stop in Boston. They'll be playing in support of their new record Artwork, due out September 1. Supporting acts include The Almost and Drive A. This show needs no description other than that it's going to be badass. Check out some of The Used's new stuff here.

AFI - October 13, Hartford, CT, Webster Theater; October 14, Providence, RI, Lupo's; October 25, Boston, MA, House Of Blues

The goth rockers are back in full force this fall promoting their much anticipated new album, Crash Love, which will hit stores on September 29. There are no opening acts listed as of yet. Tickets are already on sale at various locations, so get 'em before they're gone.

Gaslight Anthem/Murder By Death - October 17, Boston, MA, House Of Blues

With Broadway Calls and Jesse Malin supporting the two main acts, we're in for a show that's going to break down the wall between generations of punk. This will be a show for hipsters of all sorts. I have a feeling you won't be seeing too many tweens rocking tight neon colored clothing at this one. Thank God.

Paramore - October 19, Boston, MA, House Of Blues

Okay, so this is the show where all the hideously dressed tweens will be. Consider yourself warned. Now you have a choice to make. Steer clear altogether or risk a statutory rape charge by getting tickets for this punk-rock princess concert. Hooray for Hayley!

Well those are all the shows I'm even going to bother getting into any depth with. Here are a listing of a few other acts to catch during the few weeks before All Hallow's Eve. Check 'em out:

Relient K with Barcelona & Copeland - October 4, Boston, MA, Paradise Rock Club
Poison The Well & Billy Talent - October 9, Boston, MA, Paradise Rock Club
Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin *SOLO TOUR* - October 14, Sommerville, MA, Arts at the Armory

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