Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tips To Look Hip

It seems that every show I go to I end up having the same conversation with the person I'm with. Well, that is if you can consider us criticizing everyone else's fashion choices as a conversation. Nevertheless, I've decided to give you all some tips on what to wear, and more importantly, what not to wear, to your next show.

We've all been to a concert that's overrun with teenage kids, thus seeing the horrors of the "fashion" world in first person. I can distinctly remember going to a Hawthorne Heights show a few summers ago where one girl decided she'd wear giant angel wings on her back, combat boots on her feet and more make-up on her face than Jacko had on when he "faded to blacko."

All these years later and I still remember exactly what she looked like that night. It got me wondering, why? 

Why would you wear $600 worth of Hot Topic threads at any point in time? Or why would you dress like a complete whore at an Escape The Fate concert? Maybe you can explain why zebra striped jeans and a bright purple shirt look good on anyone. No? Well I can't

Believe it or not, it gets worse. Every now and then, mostly while attending a pop-punk show, you'll run into a one tool
wearing Ed Hardy clothing. Now, the actual Ed Hardy was a tattoo artist, yes. And yes, traditional Americana and Japanese tattoos are an excepted part of the scene, but under no circumstances should you be allowed to wear one of those overpriced pieces of filth on your body. Especially to a punk show!

But perhaps the most common fashion faux pas has got to be the kids wearing the t-shirt of the band they are going to see that night. I never quite understood this. Are you exclaiming that you are their fan? Because I thought by showing up to the concert was enough. Guess I was wrong.

Have you or someone you know fallen into this horrifying group? If so, no worries. I've got your rehab covered. Read on my friends, it will all be okay.

First rule for scene cred. Do dress like your favorite band... unless your favorite band is Cobra Starship
In that case, kill yourself. But seriously, there's nothing a double breasted button-up western shirt or plain colored v-neck can't fix. Trust me.

Also, skinny jeans work so long as they fit. Please don't make yourself look uncomfortable in them. There is such thing as too tight. No one wants to end up like Ross in that episode of "Friends" where he couldn't get those leather pants back up. Yikes!

If you're feeling like taking a bit of a risk, break out an old tee of some band that either doesn't exist anymore or no one has ever heard of. Major points! Examples: Try wearing an Influents shirt to a Green Day show, or sport a Goodnight Caulfield shirt to Warped Tour. People will automatically view you as legit.

Keep the accessories to a minimum. This means instead of angel wings, try an anchor necklace. Instead of that belt of machine gun bullets, just rock a old school white belt. And no combat boots. Any color of Vans Slip-Ons will work wonders.

So there you have it. A minimalist and simplistic approach to the indie scene. Maybe if we pass the word along, we can put an end to the crimes against fashion once and for all.



  1. You have to consider the generation of "kids" you are referring to committing these fashion faux pas. They are probably the generation that comes after yours, therefore having their own trends and styles. Good post though on letting us all know the style of the indie scene because that's such a big part of it. Now maybe there's hope for those angel wings sportin' types.

  2. "Try wearing an Influents shirt to a Green Day show". Not only am I legit, I have scen cred!


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