Thursday, August 27, 2009

Late Nite Wars, Grammar Not Included

Can you remember a time when bands were just out to make music for the sake of making music? A time when fashion and overnight internet success meant nothing to those who called themselves punk. It's tough, right? 

In a scene that seems to have lost all sense of itself one band stands apart, hoping to bring punk back to punk. Late Nite Wars. They're a group of five friends doing what they love, playing music for people, and astronauts, who appreciate it.

"We try to stay true to our roots," said LNW lead singer Kevin Quinn. "We play what we love to play, and grew up listening to. All of us have different styles, but where we overlap is what makes us unique."

LNW are certainly different in their style of pop-punk infused hardcore. It's easy to hear their influences, The Movielife, Piebald and even blink-182, when listening to anything off their EP. Coming from the Massachusetts hardcore scene, could we really expect anything else? Gang vocals, melodic buildups and a live show that makes you want to mosh like it's 1999. This is what punk is supposed to be.

Currently, the boys are on a month long tour across the US with local friends Furnace. All this coming in the wake of LNW guitarist Joey Rozmus' short stint on the hit MTV show, The Real World Cancun. Needless to say, the publicity 
from the corporate giant has helped fuel the band's popularity.

"We have had many people come out to shows that wouldn't normally come to a hardcore show," said Rozmus. "We also have gotten exposure to people across the country that would not have known about LNW, and that has been a huge help for us."

Less than a week into the tour and the band are finding their groove. It seems that their only setback so far has been their close call with not having a van. Luckily, mere days before leaving LNW were able to find a ride and get moving. 

They've got their futures in mind, too. LNW will be releasing a 7" vinyl comprising of three new songs sometime in the
coming months. "It will be cool to have something on vinyl," said Quinn. "I think it shows a little bit more of us and it's a good release to lead up to the full length [album].

As for where all this work is going to take them, LNW have high hopes. "I want this band to take us to Space," said bassist Aaron Bernard. "We want to be the first band on the moon." (Get the astronaut reference now?)

Be sure to check out Late Nite Wars on tour this summer/fall.

Thanks for the interview guys, and best of luck on the rest of tour!

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