Sunday, March 22, 2009

Five Bands You Should Know

It's becoming really hard to find new music that fits your style with so many bands popping up overnight on myspace and purevolume. If you're having a tough time, check out this short list of five bands you should know. With any luck, you'll be hearing more of them in the future.

Me Verse You - St. Louis, MO
Me Verse You are fresh to the scene. Members Dave Schroeder and Joseph
Hamilton started this group up after their last outfit, So They Say, disbanded in 2008. After changing their name from The Audio to the much cooler Me Verse You, and getting the line-up straight, the guys recorded their first record under Matt Hyde. The album entitled Another Enemy is not in stores just yet (no formal release date has been given either). You can still check them out via myspace. Their music is a great mix of punk-rock and pop influences. Be sure to listen to "Come On Baby" and the album sampler they have up. Hopefully in '09, these guys will be the next big thing.

Our Lunar Activities - United Kingdom
Any blink-182 fans out there? You'll be pleased to know that Our Lunar Activities
had their latest album produced by none other than Mr. Mark Hoppus. Apparently, Hoppus hooked up with OLA in 2008 and invited them to record with him and Chris Holmes (New Found Glory). They currently have a few shows coming up in California and some overseas. They've got a soft-punk sort of sound to them. Be sure to listen to "It Comes In Waves" and "Break My Fall" on their myspace. Check out some of them recording with the master. 

These Green Eyes - New Haven, CT
These Green Eyes can finally give Connecticut a good name in the music scene. With a new album set for release at the end of this month, they're heading to the top. They have all the qualities of a great punk act. Heartfelt lyrics, driving guitars, catchy licks and a lead singer that the audience can actually relate to. The east coast sound they have has landed TGE a spot at both Bamboozle and Warped Tour this summer. Check out "Crimson" and "Self-Inflicted." 

Broadway Calls - Rainier, OR
This grassroots punk band just recently signed to SideOneDummy Records. Fresh off a European tour with Alkaline Trio, BC is back in the studio recording their new record. They say they have close to 20 new songs that are being looked at for the album. Hopefully, BC can hold on to their do-it-yourself style and sound. It'd be nice to hear a band out there that still has that basement feel to their music. All the 80s synthesizer garbage today is already getting old. Be sure to listen to "Classless Reunion" and "Back To Oregon" for a real taste of BC.

LoveHateHero - Los Angeles, CA
Post-Hardcore up-comers LHH are a crazy bunch rockers that are out to shred your face off. 
They've secured a few dates on this year's Warped Tour, but don't seem to be doing much else. Last year was pretty big for them though.They had a South American tour, and guitarist Kevin Thrasher was an internet hit with his insane guitar lesson videos. Be sure to check out LHH's "Amity" to get all that head-banging out of your system.


  1. thank you thank you :)
    i need new music
    this is a good start

    so far really liking:
    our lunar activities

  2. Broadway Calls is on Adeline Records, been listening to them for a while now.

    Adeline Records used to have good bands on it,
    (cough, cough, The Influents)
    now other than BC not so much. Keep up with the good articles Joshy!

  3. You should add:
    -Therefore I Am
    -The Receiving End of Sirens(TREOS)

  4. and Kevin Devine


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