Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Punk Goes Pop 2 Review

My addiction is worsening. It seems like every chance I get I need a hit. I can't stop - listening to the new Punk Goes Pop 2 album that is. The record dropped in stores Tuesday, and it's already on repeat on my ipod and currently occupying the stereo in my car. Plain and simple - it's awesome. Thus said, we need to talk about it. So here we go, song by song.

What Goes Around... by Justin Timberlake
Covered by Alesana
The first song on the album starts out quick. The guitars and drums are heavy and quick. The singing is melodic during the verses, and wicked heavy during the breakdowns and choruses. I'm talking high-pitched screaming, but it works so well. Not something you would expect for a Justin Timberlake cover, but isn't that what makes it punk? This song just makes you want to mosh, which is just awesome given JT belted out the original with a piano.

Apologize by One Republic
Covered by Silverstein
Another thumbs-up. Silverstein did a great job of staying true to this song. It sounds like the original, only heavier. The gain on those amps was turned up just a tad, and some palm-muting make for a fuller version of the One Republic hit. Plus, the breakdown has got some of that awesome screaming that Silverstein are known for. This one will get stuck in your head, trust me. 

Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
Covered by August Burns Red
This one comes in as one of my least favorites on the record. It's got to be because the whole song is just screaming. Now, don't get me wrong, I love screamo as much as the next scene kid, but this is a little much. Besides, the actual music seems a little off. The guitars scream too much, and the drums are too fast for a Brit cover. I'm just not feeling it, but to each their own.

When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls
Covered by Mayday Parade
Mayday gives this song an almost creepy feel during the verses. But then again, The Pussycat Dolls are pretty creepy in general, so it works. Anyway, the choruses and breakdowns are alright. You get a punk feel from the band and the singing. And I mean, it's just plain funny to hear a dude say, "I wanna have boobies." It passes.

Over My Head (Cable Car) by The Fray
Covered by A Day To Remember
Easily one of the best songs on the album. There is an awesome use of crunchy guitars, screams, pick-slides and melody. If the original version gets stuck in your head, expect ADTR's version to stay that way for days. "Over My Head" blows their cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" out of the water. Listen to it, love it. Seriously.

Smooth by Santana
Covered by Escape The Fate
This song fits perfectly with ETF. It's packed with dirty guitar riffs, a smooth rhythm and lyrics worthy of Craig Mabbitt's style. Not too many screams in this one, which works. The solos are dead on too, which is what Santana is known for. It's a nice mix into the track listing. I mean, who doesn't love this song in its original form? ETF just made it cool for us to admit it openly now, so hell yes. Rock on.

Ice Box by Omarion
Covered by There For Tomorrow
Umm... Is it bad to admit that I've never heard the original of this song before? Is it bad I don't know who Omarion is? Uhh... Is it bad that I've never heard of There For Tomorrow either? All in all, I've got nothing for this song. I don't like it enough to listen to it, and since the artists here are as foreign to me as the Italian language, I'm just going to stay neutral on it. 

Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger
Covered by Chiodos
I never really liked this song much in it's original, but Chiodos do a good job with it. "I'm not sick, but I'm not well" just seems fitting for Craig Owens to sing. Every article out there about that guy has got something to do with his semi-messed up head. So keep it up Chiodos, we like it. The guitars and such work nicely with the singing, and finally, a song without intense screaming.

Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston
Covered by Bayside
If you know me, you know I've got a soft-spot for Bayside, but this song is really awesome. The original gets you bobbing your head, and so does Bayside's rendition. Anthony Raneri's raspy voice works so well with the song. There are the classic Bayside crunchy guitars mixed with a plethora of drum beats and a subtle bass line. There are even a few "Doo-Wops" toward the end. What can be better? A+ boys, another song that will keep us hooked.

See You Again by Miley Cyrus
Covered by Breathe Carolina
If your motto is "Heck No To Techno," don't listen to this song. Synth-pop-punk would sum this one up. Now, it sounds cool if you're in the right mood. (That mood being pre-club on a Thursday night where you are ready to dance out the week's frustrations) There are a few screams that make it punk, I suppose. Breathe Carolina do switch up a few lyrics too, and they just so happen to be my favorite ones in the song. "My best friend Leslie said, 'Oh, she's just being Miley'" has become "When all my friends say, 'You're just being crazy.'" It's a little sad. Overall though, a cool song. I'd still like to see someone cover a harder version of this song someday. (Maybe Forget The Future will do it? wink-wink)

Disturbia by Rihanna
Covered by The Cab
Now, normally I wouldn't listen to The Cab, but these boys hit this song just right. The only way to describe it is punk meets pop. It's perfect. They stay true to the original, but it's a punk song. It hooks you worse that Rihanna's original. Plus the chorus will hit you harder than Chris Brown. It'll have you singing all the way to court.

Toxic by Britney Spears
Covered by A Static Lullaby
Yes, the pop-princess has two songs covered on this record. This song goes up in my top three for the whole album though. It's hardcore, it's screamo, it's punk and it's Britney Spears. The video is insane. The guitars tear through the verse, build-up and chorus. ASL nailed this one. One thing I can't figure out though, is it okay for me to blast this in my car? I mean, it's screamo and such, but at the same time it's Brit. How are people going to react? Who cares, I'm cranking this one up kids.

Love Song by Sara Bareilles
Covered by Four Year Strong
This pop song has been turned into what I like to call East Coast punk-rock. Four Year Strong hail from Worcester, Massachusetts. Their version of "Love Song" is sped-up and rough around the edges, just like any music coming from the Northeast. It's pretty sweet though. Forget the piano Bareilles, FYS's version takes full use the overdrive knob and some nice cymbal action. "Love Song" will get you going, I promise.

I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry
Covered by Attack Attack!
Okay, I'll clear this up. This Attack Attack! are from Columbus, Ohio. Don't get them confused with the British band with the same name. Big no-no. Anyway, this album wouldn't be complete without Katy Perry being covered. Attack Attack! do a decent job with it. Once again it's techno heavy, but it's cool. The insane screamo/metal breakdown brings you back to punk. You might want to dance while listening to this one though, which is completely okay so long as it's not in public. All in all, good song. And for their sake, I hope the band really did get to kiss a girl. At least someone's getting some.

So there you have it kids, my take on Punk Goes Pop 2. Overall, it's an awesome album, and worth the buy. Word to the wise though, these songs will get stuck in your head. Just give in, it's so much fun. Anyway, feel free to leave your comments and thoughts about the songs. Maybe I missed something, or even better, maybe I pissed you off. I hope I pissed you off, or made you laugh. Either way, enjoy kids.

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