Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When Pop Meets Punk

I recently filled out a survey on Facebook that asked me to tell the world 25 facts about myself. In doing so I was able to conjure up some nostalgic memories about the music scene I have loved for so long. I think around number five it hit me: I miss when pop-punk was pop-punk.

Does that make any sense? Maybe? Okay, I'll explain my thinking there.

Growing up I listened to so many awesome pop-punk bands (pop-punk was yet to be a genre by the way). There was Green Day, American Hi-Fi, New Found Glory, blink-182 and even to some extent Sum 41 and Good Charlotte. It was a selective group, and it was fun.

Then the rest of the world wanted in on the good times. They turned pop-punk into a fashion trend, complete with perfectly manicured pretty boys. And the last few years have shown just how 'popular' pop-punk has become. Personally, I think this is BS. 

Even original pop-punk had some grit and grease around the edges. Remember? Funny colored hair, no fashion sense and a snotty sense of humor.

Well, that all seems gone now. And I have a list of bands I'd like to blame. Here they are:

All Time Low

These kids are barely old enough to legally drink and they're gracing the cover of Alternative Press as 'Band of the Year.' Garbage. They are far too pretty to be punk. Secondly, their music really isn't that good. Imagine listening to New Found Glory with the whinny-voice knob on the PA system turned all the way up. You can't even understand these boys. They're a fashion statement, and their concerts are packed with nothing but little girls. I'd like to think of them as what the Jonas Brothers would have been had they not signed with Disney. Lame.

We The Kings

These odd-balls hit the scene last summer. 
I think they got popular via their music video being played at American Eagle. It must have been that stupid 'Skyway Avenue' song. How original boys. No one ever had a similar song called 'Ocean Avenue.' (cough-Yellowcard-cough) Complete with the in-style haircuts, these tools took Warped Tour by storm. Again, lame. I think I am most critical of this band because a certain ex of mine loved them. I blame the redhead lead singer for the worst 
break-up of my life. Thanks boys. You suck.

                                     Metro Station

Now, while I know everyone likes to 'Shake-Shake It,' I can't see these guys ever having a legit career in music. Well, unless they buy their way into the business. Oh wait, they can do that. The freakin' guitarist is Miley Cyrus' brother! What the hell? 

Can't I catch a break? No? Okay fine, I'll keep going.

Boys Like Girls

Well, I think their run is starting to die out. Thank God. They were pretty big for a while, though I don't know how. Pretty hair and arrogant attitudes always brings the 'tween' girls out in full force. Hopefully there's no renaissance with them.

Cute Is What We Aim For

The name says it all. Period.

Okay, so like most of my posts, I could go on forever but I am going to stop myself here. I'm afraid if I do keep going I might just call up that certain ex saying how all this crappy music is making me think of her. Well that's just not cool. I think I'll throw on some New Found Glory - 'My Friends Over You' and mellow out here. Here, watch the video. Yep, it's from 'Flake-and-Bake.' Enjoy.


  1. You forgot Cartel
    ...they are equally lame and generic.

    Also, please don't admit to listening to GC...:)

  2. And...The Maine.


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